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We attempt to reach out to as many cyber service providers as we could via emails and through Cyber Front Page News because we didn’t want to leave anyone out. We also routinely reach out to keep information current as much as possible. Inevitably, some companies are not yet in the Cyber Guide. These companies may have heard from us but wanted to wait to see the website looks like first. Understood. It does not matter how you got to this point…if you want to have a profile in Advisen’s Cyber Guide email us and we’ll get you started.

Erin Ayers [email protected]
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Reach out to our sales team.
Peter Oxner [email protected] for companies A-M
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Letter from the Editor

Erin Ayers, Managing Editor

Welcome to the Advisen Cyber Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Service Providers. In 2020 we initiated some big changes moving the Cyber Guide from a PDF format to a website! We hope you find this to be THE go-to resource directory for buyers of cyber-service providers.

We are proud to say this guide continues to expand and evolve. After all, cyber risk moves fast. We can make updates, add company profiles, add advertising, and provide up-to-date news and contributed content. Different providers pop up often, people join new firms, and M&A changes the landscape. Every year, we receive dozens of new company profiles, in multiple categories, from all over the world.

Also here on this site, you get news written by the editorial staff at Advisen, now a Zywave company. Readers can enjoy some both original content from our incredible team of writers and contributed content written by cyber and risk professionals. It’s an excellent way to keep up with industry insights and perspectives.

We want guide users to get as much accurate information as possible to get a better head start in searching for partners to understand, assess, mitigate and respond to cyber risk. Getting in touch with the companies in the guide is easier now, with direct access to company websites and email. Search by checking out the category tabs at the top of the page.

As always, we continue to ask providers for information via a survey. Each provided answers on a voluntary basis.

For instance, we ask insurers for cyber premiums and we attempt to get a handle on the primary and excess players in the marketplace. We try to get claims numbers from insurers and brokers. We ask for information regarding dedicated cyber-risk underwriters and brokers. As we continually hear about cyber-related losses getting picked up in other lines of business, we ask a question or two about that as well.

We also ask other service providers to offer more information about their businesses – again with the buyer in mind, but also allowing providers to say more about who they are and what they do (For free, by the way. It costs nothing to get a profile in the guide). The guide is also a global resource. The providers in the guide do business all over the world. 

Thank you to every company and firm that has participated. We understand there are company policies, confidentiality, competitive reasoning, and other factors that led to the inability of some providers to provide certain answers. This explains why some profiles look fuller. However, all companies within each category were asked the same questions.

Of course, some companies provide more than one category of service. Companies in the guide are listed by their primary service. If respondents felt additional clarifications were needed, we provided an opportunity in an open-text box within the survey to tell readers of additional services offered — or say basically anything it would like about how it can provide cyber-risk solutions and/or how these solutions may be different than others.

We made every attempt to make sure everyone we know should be in this guide is in this guide.

We have a good range of carriers, brokers and MGAs – and we expect more to be added.

There are also more than two dozen law firms in the Ultimate Guide to Cyber Service Providers. These firms represent insurers and policyholders and have been involved in a great number of the cyber claims we hear about. Add the variety of pre-and post-event vendors and the data and analytics firms to get what we hope you will think is a truly valuable resource to find a who’s who of companies by name and by category—each seeking to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

This guide does not happen without the support of our sponsors. Thank you to all the sponsors you see scrolling along the bottom of the homepage.

Got feedback and/or comments? We are always looking for ways to improve this product and make it more valuable. Email me at [email protected].

Talk to you soon,

Erin Ayers, Managing Editor