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Attivo Networks

(Pictured: Tushar Kothari – CEO)
Attivo Networks
46601 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 95438
[email protected]

About Attivo Networks:

The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend® Platform is globally recognized for its innovation in detecting in-network threats early and accurately. Unlike other solutions that stop at a detection, the platform goes further by providing customer-centric threat intelligence, automated attack analysis, and playbook driven incident response via native integrations with existing security controls.

The Attivo Networks ThreatDefend® Platform provides early and accurate detection of in-network threats that have bypassed perimeter defenses, regardless of attack method or attack surface. The solution provides a comprehensive deception fabric that blankets the network with decoys, fake drive shares, lures, data, and other forms of deceptions that are designed to derail adversaries early in the attack lifecycle.

With an exceptional alert signal-to-noise ratio, alerts are all engagement-based and deliver an invaluable opportunity to study their adversary, gather forensics, and company-centric intelligence. Armed with this knowledge, they can better detect and neutralize future threats using similar tactics, techniques, and procedures. They can also leverage automated or manual incident response playbooks to block, quarantine, and threat hunt from a centralized management console. With the ThreatDefend platform, organizations can better detect and defend against threats, including credential theft, malware injection, and attempts to carry out network and Active Directory reconnaissance.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
$250M to $10B
Does US business in
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
Does international business in
Canada, Continental Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia/New Zealand, Mexico, United Kingdom
Primary Service Offering
Cybersecurity software provider
Number of employees
100 to 250
Company Founded