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About Baird Holm LLP:

Baird Holm LLP’s integrated team of 90 attorneys, licensed in 23 states, is committed to connecting each of its valued clients to the positive outcomes they seek. With extensive and diverse expertise, we leverage each other’s skills to respond efficiently to our clients’ local, regional, national and international legal needs. We are proud to represent public and private companies, individuals, private funds and other investors, financial institutions, governmental entities and nonprofit organizations.

Rooted by the promise to constantly evolve in anticipation of our clients’ rapidly changing needs, Baird Holm has enjoyed steady and measured growth since its founding in 1873. Today, we look to the future as we carry on the legacy created by our visionary founders.

When Milton Montgomery and his son, Carroll (C.S.) Montgomery opened their law practice on November 1, 1873, Nebraska was just six years old. The first rail line connecting the east to the west had been laid across the Missouri River the year before, quickly turning Omaha into an epicenter of agriculture, transportation, finance and international commerce. As the city grew, our firm grew too, and by 1970, the present incarnation of Baird Holm was born.

We are proud to look back on the vision of our founding partners who pioneered a new legal landscape as Omaha grew and new technology emerged; our noteworthy tenure has witnessed 28 U.S. Presidents, two Great Wars, a Great Depression, and a succession of political movements and cultural revolutions that called on innovative leadership and forethought to endure..

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