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About BankVault:

BankVault is a cybersecurity innovator. We pioneered the field of remote-isolation with products that stop bank account hacking.

We’ve just released the”Invisible Keyboard for Web“, a new radically simple innovation for organization webservers to secure users and customers on compromised devices.

The Problem:

99% of cyber-attacks target PCs/Smartphones. The hacker’s goal is identity theft, taking over online accounts to steal money, redirect financial transactions or access sensitive private data.

The Solution:

Invisible Keyboard for Web” is a simple API which inverts Webserver-Browser architecture on specific fields. It ensures sensitive data fields like Passwords, PIN#s, SSN or CCV codes can never be intercepted. This also generates a form of Multi-Factor Authentication which is invisible to users.

Staff and customers are secured seamlessly, even on compromised devices, without installing any client software.

Typically, IAM (Identity and Access Management) security solutions require significant changes to system infrastructure, along with the distribution and education of new technology to uses.

In contrast, BankVault doesn’t require any change to backend systems and is completely intuitive to users.

Integration into an organization’s webserver is 20 lines of code and can be done in as many minutes.

The solution addresses 6 of the largest cybersecurity issues targeting identity theft:

Keyloggers                    Screen scraping

Man-in-the-Browser   Man-in-the-Middle

Phishing                         Bots

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"Invisible Keyboard for Web" is a new radically simple innovation for enterprise webservers that prevents Identity Theft and Account Takeovers.