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About Blackpanda:

Blackpanda is Asia’s premier cyber security incident response group, comprised of an elite cadre of special risk and security experts from best-in-class Western military special forces, intelligence, forensics and law enforcement backgrounds. We augment decades of malware and cyber threat analysis experience with industry-leading technologies to more quickly and effectively identify, prioritize, contain, and remediate security issues in the event of a breach.

At Blackpanda, we take a holistic approach to digital forensics and investigations, encompassing human, physical, and cyber avenues of approach—in addition to helping to shape and understand 3rd party and compliance driven risk. With strong connections in both public and private sector communities, we help clients more accurately determine and remediate the true source of a breach.

Our responders have handled some of the largest crises in Asia-Pacific, working in conjunction with local, federal, and international law enforcement agencies to mitigate loss, quickly restore client operations, and recover lost assets.

Through our combined services and insurance business, Blackpanda Group is able to aggregate incident response data, technologies, and first-hand responder experience to fully mitigate client risk and deliver innovative insurtech solutions—backed by Blackpanda’s Lloyd’s of London underwriting partners.

We are hyper-focused on incident response and are the leading digital forensics and cyber crisis firm in Asia, positioned exclusively throughout the region and incorporating the best of both Western and Asian business disciplines. Drawing on our joint special operations roots, Blackpanda maintains both the specialized technical expertise and client-centric cultural understanding necessary to lead our clients through crisis and beyond.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
up to $1B
Does US business in
Does international business in
Primary Service Offering
Forensics & cyber investigations
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
How many network security cases has your company worked on?
Over the last year we have worked on 10 major cyber crises across multiple industries in APAC, with a number of supplementary consulting cases. Our incident response team, led by first-in-class professionals in malware and cyber threat analysis across corporate, government and academic environments, have worked over hundreds of cases throughout their individual careers.
How many cyber insurance claims has your company worked on?
We have an active license in Hong Kong, with a strong relationship to the Lloyd’s of London market. We have several ongoing placement requests and are currently expanding our distribution and sales channels.