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C2A Security

(Pictured: Michael Dick – CEO and Founder)

Rona Kedmi
2 Derech Agudat Sport Hapoel
Jerusalem, Israel 9695102
[email protected]

About C2A Security:

C2A Security offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, providing in-vehicle end-to-end protection.

C2A products are based on a deep knowledge of the automotive industry’s requirements and have been engineered from the ground-up with automotive manufacturers’ needs in mind: cost, time-to-market, and integration complexity.

We Believe that there is no silver bullet solution for automotive security that can protect a vehicle from the entire range of potential attacks, therefore we believe keeping vehicles safe from cyber-attacks requires a multilayered approach. C2A offers a complete suite of solutions, each defending from specific attack vector: Perimeter, Network, Endpoint, and Maintenance. We also provide a platform that enables OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to manage their security lifecycle starting from planning, through onboard embedded security, up to the ongoing management of the vehicle’s security lifecycle. A few components separate us from the competition: First, C2A’s the only automotive cybersecurity startup with an experienced team that already delivered embedded security successfully for mass markets. Second, we are an automotive company creating automotive-grade cybersecurity products. Hence, we understand automotive OEMs needs, and we help them throughout the whole security lifecycle. We’re not a cybersecurity company that branched out to also develop products for the automotive industry. And finally, we are neutral – we’re not affiliated with any manufacturer and can work with everyone. Regarding our accomplishments, we’ve created strategic partnerships with market-leading Tier 2’s such as NXP and Marvell, along with engagements with OEMs and Tier 1’s.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
more than $10B
Does US business in
Midwest, West
Does international business in
Continental Europe, Asia
Primary Service Offering
Cybersecurity software provider
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
What are your core cybersecurity offerings?
1. Perimeter Penetration prevention, securing devices with CAN bus access.
2. Network- IDPS safeguarding In-Vehicle Networks.
3. Endpoint- Embedded runtime protection, preventing malicious activity at ECU level.
4. Maintenance - In-vehicle end-to-end secured software diagnostics and maintenance solution.
5. Security Lifecycle Management: A comprehensive in-vehicle cybersecurity management platform