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Celerity Pro

Simon White
1 Liberty St
New York, NY 10006
[email protected]

About Celerity Pro:

Celerity Pro helps protect small to mid-sized businesses against first party and third-party cyber losses, utilizing a combination of Insurtech innovation and deep underwriting experience.

Cyber events have become so commonplace that SMBs, who once believed themselves to be unlikely targets for threat actors, now recognize resultant cyber-crime, data breaches and business interruption loss as very real exposures. Under the leadership of Celerity Pro Founder and CEO, Carl Pursiano, and Director of Professional Liability and Cyber, Simon White, Celerity Pro’s Accelerator Cyber product addresses this shift, helping safeguard SMBs against cyber risks.

Backed by the financial security of A+ (AM Best) paper, Celerity Pro offers cyber insurance limits up to $5 million and provides tailored coverage solutions and expert breach response/claims handling to a diverse set of industries and threat scenarios.

In addition, the Accelerator Cyber product provide its policyholders with access to a host of cyber loss prevention and security risk management tools and services. These services are designed to measure, monitor, and help businesses deal with cyber exposure. Our integrated portal provides 24/7 access to best practices, practical advice, and training to help policyholders confidently manage their cyber risk. Insureds have access to professional support, online risk management resources, educational programs, ongoing awareness campaigns, and a full incident response toolkit, all at no additional cost.

At Celerity Pro, we combine experience, technology and first-class service to make dealing with cyber risk manageable. Our cyber product is more than just an insurance policy, it’s a comprehensive loss prevention solution.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
up to $250M
Does US business in
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
Does international business in
Primary Service Offering
Insurance Carrier
When did your company start writing standalone cyber insurance policies?
What are your company’s cyber insurance direct written premiums?
Did not respond
What percentage of your cyber insurance direct written premiums come from standalone policies and endorsements?
Standalone 91 - 100% | Endorsement 0 - 10%
What percentage of your cyber book of business is primary and excess?
Primary 91 - 100%
How many dedicated cyber insurance underwriters of standalone does your company have?
How many cyber-related claims did your company handle last year?
Did not respond
What percentage of your cyber-related claims were covered by standalone cyber policies and other lines business?
Did not respond