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Clark Hill

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About Clark Hill:

Clark Hill’s Cyber and Defense Practice, ASSET360, is a digital practice group shifting the legal landscape by integrating key service delivery teams – legal, cybersecurity, crisis management and process improvement – into one complete solution. This unique team of problem solvers handle all aspects of high risk, high visibility issues. This comprehensive and seamless approach tackles challenges from all angles creating the best outcomes and resiliency for future threats.

Our international firm has global, hands-on experience building technologically secure practices, improving data privacy habits, and developing incident response plans to keep our client’s data and operations secure. We offer products, solutions, and consulting that combines actionable advice into an integrated work product that is protected under attorney-client privilege.

With experience handling over 2000 data privacy and security cases, we advise clients on cybersecurity matters ensuring compliance with current and emerging state, federal and international laws. Our consolidated team provides a holistic approach to identifying, mitigating and responding to cyber and data risks from a legal, technical, operational and reputation perspective.

History has shown that data security incidents can impact many facets of your business. A ransomware event can encrypt your systems, disrupt business, impact your reputation and land you in a lawsuit. Our integrated team is well-equipped to handle the end-to-end process of helping our clients build a stronger foundation for future resiliency.

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Target Client Size
up to $10B
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Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
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United Kingdom
Primary Service Offering
Legal (compliance, defense, coaching, etc.)
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Number of attorneys 100 percent focused on cyber law
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20 years ago