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Cordery Compliance

Jonathan Armstrong
30 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4HH
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About Cordery Compliance:

Our team has more than two decades of experience of detecting, containing and responding to data security issues. In 2004 one of our team co-authored the UK text book on these issues. We have assembled a dedicated group of lawyers with vast industry-specific experience and extensive knowledge of the technology, regulatory compliance, media relations, public perception and potential liability issues that come with these attacks. We know about most kinds of technology so there is less chance that you will need to spend precious time explaining the breach to us. From preventative planning, through discovering a breach and dealing with its aftermath, we help our clients protect themselves, their data, their customers and employees and, most of all, their future. We use unique technology, Cordery Breach Navigator, to manage breaches and we have data on the likely regulatory response across the EU which we use to plan remediation and mitigation strategies. Our team includes Jonathan Armstrong who has been ranked as one of the 15 most influential figures in data security worldwide.

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