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Cybercrime Support Network

Kristin Judge
2232 S. Main Street, #422,
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
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About Cybercrime Support Network:

Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a public-private nonprofit with the mission to serve individuals and small businesses impacted by cybercrime. CSN launched the nation’s first database of cybercrime resources,, to help users recognize, report, and recover from cybercrime incidents.

CSN also provides community-based programming that works directly with people and businesses who are at risk of or have experienced cybercrime. Our Facilitated Peer Support program provides trauma-informed emotional support to survivors of online romance scams. The Secure Together initiative utilizes partners and volunteers to work directly with the cyber at-risk to learn and implement better cyber safety actions. CSN’s Military and Veterans program has created a network of partners that work together to raise awareness of cybercrime issues impacting active duty military, veterans, and their families and help connect them to resources that can help.

CSN is a respected leader in the field of cybercrime advocacy and victim programming. We have established partnerships, sponsorships, and endorsements from key Federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, community-level nonprofits, and some of the largest names in the tech industry.

CSN is also breaking new ground in victim-facing programming, providing support services to underserved populations and assisting individuals in taking active steps to protect their online security postures.

The Partnership to Fight Cybercrime brings together partners from the public, corporate, and nonprofit sectors to amplify public awareness of cybercrime and cybersecurity issues and connect individuals and small businesses to organizations, services, tools, and other resources that can help.  

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
0 to $25 million
Does US business in
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest
Does international business in
Continental Europe
Primary Service Offering
Pre-Breach Cybersecurity Software Provider
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company founded
Annual revenue
$2.8 million
How often should clients perform network security assessments/penetration tests?
CSN recommends conducting a risk assessment to determine business risk tolerance for a cyber incident and then performing network security assessments and/or penetration tests according to the tolerance profile. That could indicate once per month, once per quarter, or more or less frequently.