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About Cyberseer:

Cyberseer provide an accurate and effective threat management service the utilises advanced machine learning based technologies to measure user and entity activity against a learnt baseline to detect malicious activity.

ASPECT – Cyberseer’s fully automated, 24×7 alert enrichment and escalation platform processes the output generated by customer deployed machine learning technologies and enforces a standardised, efficient workflow, each time and every time, to identify and deliver priority alerts to our skilled, experienced analysts.

The most commonly requested use cases are the ability to detect and alert on insider threats and, compromised credentials.

Cyberseer safeguard reputation, compliance and revenue of your organisation

To give you confidence and comfort in the knowledge that your security posture has been significantly improved by introducing the correct technologies run by experts whose core business is managing threats.

Your team are not on their own they are backed up by experts. Alerts are triaged and prioritised by Cyberseer which ensures your resources focus their time on real, priority incidents.

Our services provide visibility across critical data, suppliers, staff and clients

Reduce the time-to-detection which significantly reduces the risk of cyber damage and associated financial impact.​ Utilising Cyberseer with ASPECT allows for expensive in-house resources to be more effective by focusing them on real priority issues. User and entity timelines are generated to visually map activity, highlighting risky anomalous behaviour that could indicate a malicious insider or compromised account. Proof of tangible improvements are evidenced and reported to the board.​ Cyberseer partner with their customers to build valuable long-term relationships that see us as an extension to your business.


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Target Client Size
Greater than $100M
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United Kingdom, Continental Europe
Primary Service Offering
Forensics & cyber investigations
Number of employees
0 to 50
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