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Michael Nelson
2400 Market St., Suite 240P
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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About CYBIR:

CYBIR is the fusion of proactive Cyber Security solutions and reactive Incident Response expertise. Our team works with you to protect your business and its data, while ensuring adherence to ever evolving and complex security and privacy frameworks. Should you be in need of post-breach assistance, litigation support, or data recovery, our industry and court recognized forensics experts are available on a moment’s notice. Our team has been credited for researching, discovering, and disclosing Zero Day Exploits involving products from Cisco, Datto, Dell, Honeywell, HP, Kaseya, Netgear, and SonicWall, among others. Our penetration testing services can help mitigate a future breach, today.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
0 to $500 million
Does US business in
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest
Does international business in
Primary Service Offering
Pre-Breach Cybersecurity Consultant
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
What is your annual revenue?
Less than $25 million
How often do you recommend clients perform network security assessments/penetration tests?
As dictated by compliance framework / policy, after any major change, annually - supplemented with recurring vulnerability/phishing scans & EDR/MDR