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Eide Bailly LLP

Jason Olson
800 Nicollet Mall
Suite 1300, Minneapolis, MN 55402
[email protected]

About Eide Bailly LLP:

Eide Bailly LLP is a top 25 CPA firm in the nation with over 40 offices in 14 states with a footprint covering the Midwest, Southwest and West coast. We are trusted advisors to over 80,000 clients. As a trusted advisor, we offer proactive and reactive cybersecurity, digital forensics and forensics accounting services and solutions. Eide Bailly LLP’s breadth and depth of technical forensic accounting and cybersecurity allows us to serve our clients throughout the whole process by performing responsive incident investigations, providing containment and remediation services and quantifying damages for insurance claim and/or litigation purposes.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
>$25M to $500M
Does US business in
West, Midwest, Southwest
Does international business in
Canada, Mexico
Primary Service Offering
Forensics & cyber investigations
Number of employees
Company Founded
How many network security cases has your company worked on?
Thousands of cases over the last 20 years through a mixture of risk advisory, cybersecurity and incident response services.
How many network security cases has your company worked on?
We have investigated numerous insurance claims both from a forensic accounting and digital forensic perspective over the past 20 years.