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Mutual company FM Global is one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers. Clients turn to FM Global to help them be more resilient to property-related risk.

Its FM Global Advantage policy delivers the broadest, most comprehensive property insurance available on the market today. First-party cyber coverage includes:

  • Damage to data, programs or software created by viruses or other malware including:
    • Restoration of data, including the time to research/engineer lost or damaged data
    • Resulting time element loss
    • Temporary costs to defend against a cyber attack
  • Computer network service interruption due to malicious cyber activity including
    • Actual loss sustained, as well as extra expense during the period of interruption
    • Temporary costs to defend against cyber attack
  • Third-party data services interruption (cloud outage) leading to business interruption and/or property damage including
    • Actual loss sustained, extra expense and property damage during the period of interruption
    • Extends to supplier locations
    • Includes satellite services
  • Resulting property damage and business interruption on an all-risk basis including
    • Physical loss or damage to insured property other than data on an all-risk basis
    • Resulting time element loss

Cyber Optimal Recovery

This coverage endorsement works in conjunction with the FM Global Advantage policy to complement a cyber policy. Clients can position their FM Global Advantage policy as primary, excess or contributing insurance as necessary to maximize total insurance recovery in a cyber event. It maximizes total recovery following a cyber loss; clarifies how the FM Global Advantage policy will interact with a cyber policy—before the loss occurs; and automatically addresses issues with potentially overlapping coverage.

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more than $500M
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Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
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Canada, Continental Europe, United Kingdom, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Mexico
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Insurance Carrier
When did your company start writing standalone cyber insurance policies?
What are your company’s cyber insurance direct written premiums?
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What percentage of your cyber insurance direct written premiums come from standalone policies and endorsements?
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What percentage of your cyber book of business is primary and excess?
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How many dedicated cyber insurance underwriters of standalone does your company have?
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How many cyber-related claims did your company handle last year?
What percentage of your cyber-related claims were covered by standalone cyber policies and other lines business?
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