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Avi Bartov, CEO
600 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10016
[email protected]


About GamaSec:

We are a Cyber B2B2C to Insurtech ,Integrating a cyber solution to SMB cyber insurance to prevent and minimize cyber risk Exposure

Gamasec utilizes the newest and most advanced cutting-edge virtual hacker technology to identify and eradicate dangerous malware threats and website application vulnerabilities together with training awareness , a pre-breach tool designed to detect, educate and prevent cyber-attacks.

Our actual insurance partners reduce exposure and increase brand awareness by bundling our technology with their Cyber Insurance Policies, reducing loss ratios, and increasing cyber risk transparency on their cyber insurance portfolio with our intelligence data and risk score.

This combination of a proprietary security platform and industry knowhow enables GamaSec to deliver industry-leading solutions for website security to prevent and reduce cyber insurance exposure. Our focus is on proactive loss prevention and minimizing the exposures that our policyholders face, instead of just risk mitigation.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
0 to $100M
Does US business in
Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
Does international business in
Canada, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia
Primary Service Offering
Cybersecurity Software Provider
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
What is your annual revenue?
Less than $20M
How often do you recommend clients perform network security assessments/penetration tests?
Did not answer