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Incident Response Solutions Limited

Campbell McKenzie
Plaza Level, 41 Shortland St,
Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
[email protected]


About Incident Response Solutions Limited:

Incident Response Solution’s mission is to provide speciality forensic, cyber security and crisis management expertise at all stages throughout the incident response lifecycle.

We define “Incident Response” as the approach which an organisation takes when responding to crisis related events such as:

– cyber attacks

– data/privacy breaches

– employment and associated misconduct investigations

– litigation and regulatory eDiscovery requests

– government inquiries

We help you “prepare, respond and recover”. The purpose of our services is to assist you in returning to normal operations as quickly as possible, and to the extent possible, minimising reputational harm.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
0 to $500M
Does US business in
Does international business in
New Zealand/Australia
Primary Service Offering
Forensics & cyber investigations
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
How many network security cases has your company worked on?
More than 50
How many cyber insurance claims has your company worked on?
Approximately 50