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About Intrusion:

We believe your company network should be a safe place. Free from ransomware, theft of trade secrets, harvesting of corporate knowledge, insider threats, IoT extraction of data, and many other forms of cyberwarfare and cybercrime.

We are a cybersecurity innovator that has reframed the problem of failed network security to successfully address the depth and breadth of cyber attacks experienced every 3 seconds in the United States alone.

We leverage decades of experience and dynamic technology to offer your organization the best possible defense. Join us and win the war on cybercrime.

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Cybersecurity Software Provider
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50 to 100
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What are your core cybersecurity offerings?
In war, your strategy is only as good as your intelligence. The same applies to cyberwarfare. That’s why we’ve amassed the INTRUSION TraceCop database over nearly 30 years of analyzing cyberwar and cybercrime, making it the premier forensic cybersecurity tool. INTRUSION Savant is an alert system based on TraceCop data that identifies suspicious traffic in real time. With high-speed data mining and software analysis, Savant will assert a strong forward defense position for your network security team. Then, by applying our 30 years of cyberwarfare learnings, we’ve developed 19 new patents that leverage the TraceCop database to change the landscape of cybersecurity with INTRUSION Shield. As our greatest and most affordable cybercrime prevention tool, INTRUISON Shield helps you fight the cyberwar by bringing unparalleled visibility and defense to your network security solution. Our Consulting & Threat Analysis include digital research specialists that deliver robust, cyber-enriched investigative services to government and commercial sector organizations. We provide customized insight into our clients’ most pressing information gaps, with support and integration abilities spanning a multi-INT spectrum.