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Mendes & Mount

Peggy Reetz
750 Seventh Ave
New York,  NY 10019
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About Mendes & Mount:

Mendes & Mount continues its reach of legal and technical capabilities across a broad spectrum of emerging issues while respecting the firm’s traditions. The hallmark of our practice is to maintain the highest quality standards when it comes to anticipating and responding to clients’ needs, based on forthright and fundamental exchanges. Such traits are critical when the storm clouds approach.

Our lawyers act as incident response counsel providing guidance with respect to: data/security breach incidents; notification compliance and regulatory concerns; and, potential disputes arising out of such matters. As part of these services, we address various statutory, contractual and liability areas (e.g., HIPAA, TCPA, FCRA; vendor/provider terms; consulting errors/omissions; payment card issues; intellectual property disputes; digital/social media issues; advertising/marketing perils). We have served clients and their related businesses across numerous sectors: financial institutions; healthcare providers; health insurers; retailers; manufacturers; managed service providers; technology companies; media/publishing firms; educational entities; agents/brokers; lawyers and a variety of other professionals. We provide counsel with respect to best practices for privacy compliance and breach response preparedness. We act as coverage and monitoring counsel to cyber and other professional liability insurers, which services include comprehensive incident response management as well as claims and litigation management. We have assisted clients in drafting policy forms to address novel risks and risk profiles: from potential reputational losses to social engineering hazards; from interrelated and non-traditional business models to customer relationship management issues; and, from entities that assert a global reach to those that skew more toward a community-based approach.

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Client Size
up to $1B
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Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West
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Primary Service Offering
Legal (compliance, defense, coaching, etc.)
Number of employees
Number of attorneys 100 percent focused on cyber law
Number of carrier-approved panels company is on
more than 5
Number of breaches worked on in the past year
more than 50
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Insurance Companies
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