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AJ Thompson
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London, UK EC1V 9BP
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About Northdoor:

Northdoor is a data expert. Formed over 30 years ago we have developed solutions for issues such as Sanctions Checker to ensure companies only work with sanctioned companies and individuals and, more recently, RiskXchange, our award-winning real-time cyber scoring solution. Under GDPR legislation it is increasingly important to ensure that both your organisation and your supply chain meet the levels of cyber security that protect your business. Move away from a manual, annual questionnaire to a real-time, AI-based solution providing you with an updated cyber risk score with the ability to drill down and spot systemic problems.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
$25M to $1B
Does US business in
Does international business in
United Kingdom
Primary Service Offering
Cybersecurity software provider
Number of employees
50 to 100
Company Founded
What are your core cybersecurity offerings?
IBM Guardium specialist - design, build, implementation, support RiskXchange - an award-winning real-time, cyber risk scoring solution for your third party supply chain. Over 300 scans for external weaknesses, areas of misconfiguration, poor patching and more.