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onShore Security

(Pictured: Stelios Valavanis – CEO)

Josh Eklow
1407 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
[email protected]

About onShore Security:

onShore Security enables our clients to digitally transform their businesses by giving them the safety and security to do so without risk. onShore Security understands the edgeless ecosystem of the internet in the age of remote work and BYOD. Our Panoptic Cyberdefense goes beyond watching the perimeter, and analyzes entire networks, with our experienced engineers correlating data in a

way automated systems can hardly aspire to. We make your team better and your business faster. onShore Security provides securityas-a-service real-time monitoring, correlation and analysis of organization-wide network data, from packet captures to logs, to achieve an end-to-end security view we call Panoptic Cyberdefense. Specializing in banking, onShore acts as a Security Operations Center and plays a critical role with our Cybersecurity Leadership consulting.

Survey Answers

Target Client Size
All company sizes
Does US business in
Does international business in
Primary Service Offering
Pre-breach cybersecurity consultant (proactive/preemptive services)
Number of employees
0 to 50
Company Founded
What is your annual revenue?
less than $25 M
How often do you recommend clients perform network security assessments/penetration tests?
Vulnerability assessments should be done frequently, other assessments, like penetration tests, can be done annually.