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About Panorays:

360-Degree View: Panorays’ security ratings are based on an “outside-in” simulated hacker’s view of assets, combined with an “insideout” view that checks that the supplier adheres to internal company security policies.

Context-based ratings: While other vendors provide absolute values, Panorays rates companies according to the unique relationship between evaluator and supplier.

Frictionless supplier engagement: As the only service that allows in-platform engagement, Panorays eliminates friction between evaluator and supplier by enabling an intuitive and record-keeping communication between them. The platform also provides actionable insights for suppliers to close their cyber gaps.

Super-fast supplier vetting: Panorays’ automated “outside-in” scans of a supplier’s public-facing digital footprint are completed within hours. Panorays’ “inside-out” customized security questionnaires take place in parallel and are typically completed within one week.

Live alerts: Panorays continuously monitors suppliers and alerts organizations about any changes to suppliers’ cyber posture.

Third- and Fourth-Party Discovery: Panorays automatically detects companies’ third and fourth parties. This helps verify awareness of all parties and provides additional insights into the cyber posture of suppliers.

Human Factor: Panorays is the only platform that considers the effect of human behavior as a factor when calculating cybersecurity ratings.

Dark Web Insights: Panorays checks mentions of a company’s third party on hacker forums and other nefarious marketplaces. This provides the ability to monitor potentially malicious hacker chatter about opportunities to target the third party.

Multi-Language Translation: With Panorays, you can send security questionnaires in your suppliers’ native languages, and then view their responses in your own language.

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Panorays automates third-party security lifecycle management.

With the Panorays platform, companies dramatically speed up their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NYDFS.